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Portrait of a woman. Portrait of a couple. Portrait of a woman. Maternity portrait

There is a power in having your portrait taken. Whether it's done for yourself, for someone else, or for the memories, it can be an incredible experience. People light up when they see what we capture together. They leave my studio feeling amazing about themselves.

for you;

A genuinely captured portrait empowers. They provide an often much needed boost to our self-confidence. It’s important that we allow ourselves the opportunity to look past our insecurities and recognize that yes, we are beautiful. And it is sincerely my pleasure to help provide that opportunity.

for someone else;

The gift of a portrait is exceptionally personal. It’s a gift given with the utmost of love and caring. To the special someone receiving it, it means you want to be in their thoughts. Reserved for family, children, spouses, and only the closest of friends - I don't think there are many gifts more meaningful.

for the memories;

There are details in every life that we want to cherish forever. Important people we never want to forget. Points in our lives we always want to be able to look back on. I want my portraits to last generations, so that the people I capture are never forgotten.

Photography, for me, evolved out of an honest love of helping people see the best in themselves. For helping people feel great about themselves. I feel lucky that I’ve been able to do this for so many people, and I would love to also be able to do this for you.


• Children Portraits
• Glamour Portraits
• Bridal Portraits
• Intimate Portraits

• Teen Portraits
• Gradutation Portraits
• Couples Portraits

• Senior Portraits
• Maternity Portraits
• Branding Portraits


Whatever portrait style you’re interested in, my own added style is distinct. Going back to my love of helping people feel amazing about themselves; I want my images to be one hundred percent about the people I capture. My work isn’t about the story, or the scene… it’s purely about the person in the image. About making sure they are seen.

I do this using prevailing elements of minimalism and simplicity. I remove everything in the image, save the person. If you notice one of my images, it is only because the person in it is worth noticing. If you think my images look great, it's only because the people I work with look great in them.

"Elegance is beauty born from grace, style, and simplicity."


Chris is very welcoming and very easy going. When you first meet him you instantly feel comfortable, which I feel is important in this industry. He is very well educated on his passion for photography. You can tell he cares. He’s very professional, very quick, and awesome all together! All good experiences! I absolutely recommend Chris as a photographer.

- Paige Judge

After having two babies it was super nice to feel beautiful again. He is an amazing photographer, and seeing the photos he took of me gave me a huge confidence boost. Thank you Chris for genuinely empowering the women you photograph to feel confident, beautiful, and classy.

- Melanie Ann

The whole experience with Chris was great! Never once did I feel uncomfortable. Even before I saw the finished product (which were amazing) I would have recommended him to anyone!

- Justine Arsneault

Chris is amazing at what he does! My shoot was therapeutic for me as he made me feel so comfortable and beautiful in my own skin. He makes it look so easy while throwing compliments, suggestions on poses, and great music!

- Taylor Peachey

I had my first photo session done this past weekend. It was a couples session with my girlfriend. I had never met Chris before, but he was extremely friendly and made us feel at home. I have never posed for photos like this before and he made it very easy. He is a very easygoing guy, which made me feel much more comfortable posing. I know he is a great headshot photographer, but I would definitely recommend him for regular and couples photos as well.

- Matthew Twomey

Chris is one of the best photographers, and people, I have ever worked with. He is super helpful whether you are a beginner or a pro! I have worked with Chris several times now and I love every single session with him. He is so down to earth and makes you feel really comfortable, which is so important. If you have a chance to work with him, do it! You won't regret it.

- Jasmin Beatty


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Portrait of a woman. Portrait of a woman. Portrait of a man. Portrait of a woman.

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