Celebrate yourself with captivating luxury Portrait Photography


There is a power in having your portrait taken.

Whether done for yourself, for someone else, or for the memories, it's an incredible experience.

for you;

Captured genuinely a portrait is a celebration of yourself. It's about capturing that part of you that you're most proud of. It's about being unique, inspiring confidence, and feeling beautiful.

for someone else;

The gift of a portrait is exceptionally personal, given only with the utmost of love. Reserved for family and only the closest of friends, I don't think there are many gifts more meaningful.

for the memories;

There are people in our lives that we want to cherish forever. That we always want to be able to look back on. I want my portraits to last generations so that the people I capture are never forgotten.

North Bay Photographer Chris Noakes | Portrait of Taylor

My passion for photography evolved from a genuine want to help people see the best in themselves. From wanting to help people feel great about themselves. I want to empower people, and I take pride in being able to do this for so many people. I would love to also be able to do this for you.

People are my passion,photography simply the tool.

My Style

Going back to my love of helping people feel amazing about themselves; I want my images to be one hundred percent about the people I capture. My work isn’t about the story, or the scene, it’s about the person in the image. About making sure they are seen.

I do this using prevailing elements of minimalism and simplicity. I remove everything in the image, save the person. If you notice one of my images, it is only because the person in it is worth noticing. If you think my images look great, it's only because the people I work with look great in them.

Portrait Session Process

Step One: Booking

Using the form below simply select the date and time that works for your schedule. You’ll receive confirmation and session information via your email.

Step Two: The Session

You’ll be coached by me into the best options for you, zero stress. We’ll take as much time as we need to make sure you get the photos you want, zero rush.

Step Three: Selection

After the session we’ll sit down together and go through the portraits we’ve captured. You decide what photos you’d like to purchase... you’re in control.

Step Three: Fulfillment

I invoice based on your selection so that you never pay for more than you want, and you’ll receive your selected photos shortly after.

Included With Your Session

Flexible Studio Time

I schedule one session a day. When you're in my studio there is no rush. We can take as much time as we need to get you the photos you want.

Unlimited Outfit Changes

If you're unsure, bring options. We can try different styles and decide together what best portrays the image you're aiming for.

Expert Coaching

During your session it is my job to coach you into the most flattering poses and most genuine expressions. You'll be shocked at how easy I make it.

Facilitated Selection

After the session we will review your photos together and I can offer advice regarding which best reflects your brand.