North Bay Ontario Headshot and Portrait Photographer - Why A Headshot?

A headshot is a promotional portrait that realistically demonstrates a person's appearance for branding purposes.

Corporate Headshot Photo of Business Woman
Corporate Headshot Photo of Business Man

In the past; headshots have traditionally only been required by a small select few holding a few specific positions.

Now; we live in a world of social media, virtual business spaces, and personal branding. We live in a world where, while first impressions remain important, those first impressions are increasingly coming from non-traditional sources.

Yet we remain visual...

We enjoy having faces to go with the names of people we work with. It helps provide a feeling of openness and trust. It's your headshot that draws people in. It’s your headshot that helps you feel approachable, confident, and credible.

So it’s important that your headshot reflects well on you and your brand. A carefully chosen headshot becomes a key part of how you represent yourself. It should be genuine, and showing you at your finest.

 Corporate Headshot Photo of Business Woman
Headshot Photo of Child Actor

As a specialist headshot photographer, it is my job to get you exactly the images you need, to make exactly the impression you want.