North Bay Ontario Headshot and Portrait Photographer - In Preparation

Preparing For Your Headshot Session


Because headshots have become such an important part of how we market our self… I want to be sure you get the most out of your headshot shoot.

I want to be sure that the images you receive show the type of person you are, alongside a professionalism that will draw people in and help them to more easily feel comfortable with you.

What should I wear? What shouldn't I? How should I do my hair and make-up?

Time prior to the shoot needs to be dedicated to answering these questions, as while seemingly minor, these little things can make the difference between a good headshot, and a great one.


Our clothing is often a visual means for us to express ourselves, and so the clothing you choose should reflect you and the image you’re looking to project. However, whenever possible, there are some very small things we can do to make the headshot better.

In general, keep the outfit simple.

Stick with solid colours whenever possible. Try to stay away from distracting patterns as they will draw attention away from your face. Avoid visible logos (unless part of a staff uniform) and jewelry should also be kept minimal.

For women; start with a simple shirt or blouse and add layers for variety. For men; a suit and tie works well, and by adding or removing layers can be shifted between casual or professional looks. Feel free to bring a few changes of clothes to the shoot.

Make sure all clothing is ironed and/or pressed before the shoot… wrinkles in clothing, like aforementioned patterns, are distracting and will pull attention from you.


It’s best to think about your hair a week or two in advance. Give yourself the time so that if you do intend to get your hair cut, it is done about a week prior to the shoot. Freshly cut hair can sometimes look odd on camera. Styling, if intended, can be done the day of.

You’re looking for a simplistic style that reflects you, and that highlights the natural curves and shape of your face. If you have long hair, arrive to the shoot with your hair down and put it up later in the shoot for variety.

When you pack for the shoot, bring a brush and whatever hair products you may need to maintain your hair and help calm fly-a-ways.

With regards to facial hair; shaving, bleaching, and plucking can all leave the skin red and irritated. Do so early enough to allow the skin time to heal if necessary… but close enough to the shoot that you avoid five o’clock shadow.

Skin and

You want to try and avoid your skin looking irritated as much as possible; with that in mind, I recommend avoiding any extreme beauty regimens right before the shoot. If you’re going to perform facial peels, tanning, or extensive exfoliating… please give yourself enough time to allow the skin to heal.

And I cannot stress this enough; GET ENOUGH SLEEP AND DRINK WATER.

For ladies; while it’s not mandatory, I want to stress that if you can afford it… hire a make-up artist. A good make-up artist can be the difference between your headshot being great, or exceptionally great… and while that might not seem like a lot, it can really make the difference if you’re trying to stand out.

If you decide to do your make-up on your own, the important thing to remember is to keep it light and natural. You’re looking for just enough make-up to slightly highlight and to cover up any blemishes. Try to stick to earthy tones and neutral colours.

Please bring make-up and lip balm/gloss with you to the shoot in case any touch-ups are needed.

If you prefer a make-up artist be available; here are those I have worked with, and would recommend in the North Bay, Ontario area. I will work with them, and you, to arrange a time that accommodates everyone's schedules.

Arrangements made with make-up artists are separate from those made with me. They set their own prices and keep their own schedules.