Why Headshots?

It’s easiest to explain that, unlike most of my peers, being artistic or creative was never a driving factor for me. I do not consider myself an artist. My passion isn’t creating art. It’s truthfully not even photography.

It’s what I can do with photography, a subtle distinction I know.

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(admittedly anecdotal) Shower Thoughts for Photographers

Don't be a dick to the successful.
Don't be a dick to those still learning.
Likes don't matter.
Live Offline vice Online.

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Educational Resources for Photographers

For better or for worse; I share a lot in various photographer communities. And it’s not uncommon, that after I do, I get approached from peers looking for coaching or requesting I teach. Which is a compliment (I’ll never deny that) but I also don’t think I’m there yet.

I’m still so busy trying to figure things out for myself, so teaching isn’t something I feel proficient enough yet to be doing.

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