Ok, so, I just got off the phone with my daughter and we were talking about all the stuff going on in her life. New couches. Last week of work. Due date is next Wednesday…

…wait, what?

I think in my excitement to be a grandfather I sort of lost track of just how soon I was going to be a grandfather. Could be any day now. Still feels weird… I don’t feel old enough. I’m definitely not mature enough.

I am so excited for my daughter and her husband to start this next adventure in their lives together. I can’t wait for the day she has to admit I was right all along, that she gets it now, that she’s sorry for the way she acted as a child (photo to the right as reference – she was a happy handful)… though if any of that actually happens it will probably be because she’s too exhausted to realize what she’s saying.

All I know is that this baby is going to be so loved and I can’t wait to meet her.

Also, I’m not a maternity photographer but I winged it so here are some photos of my daughter, her husband, and their growing family.