My goal from day one has been to help empower individuals. I love being able to do that for people. It’s my way to give back I suppose… and selfishly I enjoy the reactions I get from the people I’m privileged to work with.

This feeling extends across genres. I love hearing that someone has found success via a headshot I took of them. I love that through my portraiture people get to see the best of themselves. That through boudoir the people I work with learn to love themselves, if they didn’t already. I am part of a process that ends with the confidence boost so many people need… and that makes me really happy.

When people leave my studio they feel at their finest… that is an amazing thing to witness.

Melanie, a young mom of two, joined me in my studio for an amazing boudoir experience. She left my studio in love with what we had captured that afternoon, and by proxy even more in love with herself. And I love that I was able to help provide that for her.

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