North Bay Photographer Chris Noakes
Hi, I'm Chris, and I am so glad you are here!

I'm a headshot and portrait photographerin North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

I like to tell people that I specialize in empowerment. That people are my passion, photography only the tool. I focus on styles that allow me to empower people be it in the workplace (headshot photography), or styles designed to promote confidence and self-esteem (portrait photography).

I pride myself on being able to do this for people.

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Headshot Crew Associate
The Portrait Masters

I have mentored under some of the industries most talented portrait and headshot photographers, to ensure I have the knowledge and experience required to call myself a professional photographer, and to be able to capture the highest-quality images on your behalf.

I want you to be confident that by choosing to work with me, what you’re receiving is a high-end service by a professional photographer whose knowledge and experience is industry-recognized. The result will be stunning images that you’ll be proud to share for years to come.

Royal Canadian Air Force

I’m also a serving member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, something I am exceptionally proud of. My time in the forces has given me the courage to chase my dreams, and the skills to accomplish them.

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A headshot is a promotional portrait that realistically demonstrates a person's appearance for branding purposes. It is my job to get you exactly the images you need, to make exactly the impression you want.

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There is power in having your portrait taken. A portrait is a celebration of yourself. It's about capturing that part of you that you're most proud of. It's about being unique, inspiring confidence, and feeling beautiful.

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Passionate about empowering individuals

Photography is simply the tool I use