Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

I had just been posted from North Bay to Ottawa when Michelle decided to give modelling a try. At the time we talked, and promised each other that if we were ever in the same area at the same time we’d collaborate and see what we can create.

Then she moved to Ottawa, and right around the same time I got posted back to North Bay – so we again missed each other, and again made the same promise.

It finally happened. She moved home, I’m still here, she visited my studio, and this session was a very long time in the making. She wasn’t even modelling any more at the time, but made an exception, and so this session also marks her return to that passion.

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

There was no real theme for this session, it was just some fun among friends. Completely winging it. And also a feel good session, Michelle wanted a confidence boost to help her get back into the modelling mindset and so we made it happen. Added a little playfulness emulating a Sean Archer vibe (because I love his work). She completely killed it, so hopefully this session did exactly that for her.

And it turns out her favourite colour is pink, so with that as the only real motivator, the below are what we ended the session with.

Personally I hope she keeps running with it. It certainly isn’t the easiest industry to be a part of, especially in the area we live. But like me with my photography – if you love doing something, you just have to keep pushing.

Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)


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