Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

A few days ago I found myself with some free time, during the middle of the week, which truthfully NEVER happens. Work and all that responsible adult stuff typically gets in the way. And I was craving getting behind the camera, for no better reason, than just to have a bit of fun.

Between corporate headshot work, military work, and the work being done on my website… it felt like it had been way to long since I’d shot for just the hell of it.

So with zero notice, and zero planning, I reached out - Jasmin answered the call and joined me in my studio.

We shot a few different styles (don’t worry you’ll see those soon), but it was near the end of our session together that we hit on this series. Going back to almost my corporate headshot style, just with a little more punch and drama.

Jasmin killed it, and that’s putting things mildly. There’s a reason she’s one of my favourites to work with locally; in front of the camera she simply personifies beauty and charisma.

I am so in love with these photos that I’m contemplating changing my portfolio to reflect this new style. With just a touch more tweaking I feel like I could really be hitting on something.

The nice thing, it’s one light. Well ok – two if you count the background light. The subject was lit with a single Profoto D2, using a dish, and the Lastolite Triflector below. An almost traditional beauty setup modified to work with headshots. I couldn’t make this setup any more simple if I tried. I like simple… it means I can put more focus on what’s important, the person.

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)


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