Chris Noakes, North Bay Ontario Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer

With Only A Look: William Noakes

If you could take my personality, and split it in half, individual aspects of me being given to each, you’d get my son and daughter.

To my son I gave my youthfulness. My ability to stroll through life without worry, fear, or stress. Which is exactly what he does. Everything seems to come effortlessly to him. Not to say he doesn’t put effort in, only that it doesn’t seem to bother him to have to.

People love being around him, because he’s able to absorb the stress from the people he lets in. People just seem to be able to relax in his proximity. Probably explains why I consistently have people knocking on my door looking for him.

Except for his sister of course, who he can wind up in rather spectacular fashion.

I once watched him enter a talent contest, saying he wanted to dance. Against people who have trained to dance their entire lives… he took the stage without fear… and “winged it”. He’s that kid.

Fun is his lifestyle, and he wears it well. Be it video games, or socializing with friends, he always has a smile on his face. We should all wish we could be a little more like him.

I love you William.

Model: William Noakes
Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Photographer: Chris Noakes

Facebook: Photography By Chris NoakesFacebook: Photography By Chris Noakes
Facebook: Photography By Chris Noakes


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