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With Only A Look: Hannah Noakes

If you could take my personality, and split it in half, individual aspects of me being given to each, you’d get my son and daughter.

To my daughter I gave my passion. My want to change things. She dreams big, and most of her dreams are centered around improving the lives of others rather than her own.

She’s opinionated like me. Only much better at articulating those opinions. Even as a teenager she has studied culture and the humanities extensively.

Hannah is one of those people, who when she changes the world, you’re not surprised she did.

And between all the earth shaking… she laughs, and she sings… it’s rare I don’t hear one or the other coming from somewhere in the house. And it makes me so happy, knowing she’s happy.

Hannah is my daughter, and I’m so excited to see what her future brings. I anticipate it's going to be wonderful.

I love her.

Model: Hannah Noakes
Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Photographer: Chris Noakes

Facebook: Photography By Chris NoakesFacebook: Photography By Chris Noakes
Facebook: Photography By Chris Noakes


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