Chris Noakes, North Bay Ontario Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer

  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Jul 03, 2017

    Fashion Portraiture with Gabrielle

    You may recall Gabrielle joining me a few weeks back for my first real attempt at “beauty” portraiture. During that same session, at my request, she also arrived prepared for some more fashion styled work. The idea at the time being that the beauty work was an experiment, and if it didn’t work out the way I wanted, at least I’d have this style to…
  • Jun 21, 2017

    Bold, Beautiful, and Red

    Kaitlyn is one of my headshot clients, a local actress here in North Bay who I’m sure I’ve introduced before. It was time for a refresh, and so a return to my studio was in order. After we captured the headshots she needed, which she very obviously rocked, I asked if we could also do some beauty portraits in my newer, still experimental, style.…
  • Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)
    Jun 11, 2017

    Almost "Beauty"

    I’ll say right away that the title (obviously) doesn’t refer to the model, who I think we can all agree looks absolutely stunning. Rather I'm making light of a misunderstanding on my own part. A few days ago I made the decision to branch out in a new direction. I’ve been experimenting here and there, playing with different styles, but this was a…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    May 20, 2017

    A Splash Of Colour

    Lorrie arrived for this session blonde... I know right. A while back I had asked for some models to let me shoot them with wild coloured hair. It’s a favourite of mine, I think mostly because it’s something I can’t even consider doing myself. And I see it as a sort of display of passion, and an unwillingness to conform. I like that. I like what it…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    May 09, 2017

    Getting Creative With Samantha

    Samantha had come to my studio looking for headshots, but when someone with her style and flair is standing in your studio, it’s an opportunity. After we captured the headshots she needed, we decided to try some more creative concepts. Using the outfits she had with her… adding a splash of bold colour and some flowers… and well, see for yourself.…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    May 08, 2017

    A Performer Named Samantha

    I consider it my good fortune that Samantha’s family lives nearby, for as well travelled as she is, when she came home to visit them she reached out to me for some new headshots. Of course, with little arm twisting required, I agreed. Samantha is a wicked talented performer… an actress, singer, and dancer. And in my honest opinion; she’s very very…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    May 07, 2017

    An Unassuming Pair Of Coveralls

    Such a fun and simple series – Lorrie stopped by my studio with an unassuming pair of coveralls in hand. It’s a style that’s been done before, I acknowledge that… but it’s still exciting and playful, so I couldn’t resist making my own attempt of it. Life is, after all, all about trying new things in the pursuit of our passions. As a photographer I…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Jan 26, 2017

    Starlotte Satine

    Starlotte Satine; burlesque performer, make-up artist, and pin-up model - she epitomizes body positivity. It’s rare to meet someone so confident and comfortable with themselves. Amazing to see… and even more amazing to capture. Easily one of my favourite sessions ever. Not just because she’s a beautiful woman, but because her personality… the…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Dec 24, 2016


    Back from my holidays and I just finished up this session. Melissa was a headshot client originally – absolutely killing it during our first session together – which of course left me wanting to shoot more. And as I branch out into fashion / beauty portraiture, I knew her style and attitude would be perfect. She didn’t disappoint. I have a way to…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Nov 17, 2016


    Every now and then someone joins me in my studio, who is so easy to work with, and so crazy photogenic… that my job becomes more difficult. For any photographer, the step immediately following the session is called the culling. We go through the session – and we try our best to narrow all the shots down to the best few. Which is difficult when…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Oct 16, 2016

    Cosplayer Nanami

    I’m a huge geek. And by huge geek I mean a proudly Dungeons and Dragons playing, ComicCon attending, video gaming, Firefly obsessing (#BrownCoat) kind of geek. And yet, other than the odd just for fun session with friends, cosplay photography isn’t something I ever considered attempting – and I have no idea why. In truth I'm kind of disappointed…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Oct 02, 2016

    My Androgynous Best Friend

    A few years back – long before I actually knew what I was doing behind the camera (though I thought otherwise at the time) – Dre and I discussed doing a photo shoot with an androgynous theme. This summer past we finally got around to making it happen. With the help of Miss Casey B’s amazing make-up skills, we transformed Dre – and together we…
  • Sep 21, 2016

    Purple Hair and Complimentary Colours

    This session was yet another experiment. I had pulled out my beauty dish for the first time in years. I simplified from a four light setup, down to one. I played with throwing complimentary colours into the background, vice the typical white/grey/black setups I’m known for. And dramatic shadows vice flat lighting. All part of my progression into…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Sep 06, 2016

    Going Edgy With Crystan

    Crystan came to my attention after working with another photographer friend of mine, Ashlyn Hale. The work they did together was beyond stunning - I’d go as far as to say some of the best work I’ve ever seen. And it certainly left me curious enough to want her in front of my own camera. Since then we’ve worked together twice… the photos you’re…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Sep 05, 2016

    Sophie's Got That Something

    Sophie’s one of those ladies who just has a certain something about her. She’s beautiful, no denying that… but it’s more than that. Her confidence, and her ability to express that confidence, is what made me notice her. Made me want to add her to my portfolio. We worked together to capture some (in my opinion) amazing headshots. We played with…
  • Aug 31, 2016

    When Your Make-up Artist Models

    Just over a year ago I was introduced to Sheena. It was during a shoot with a mutual friend that she joined us as a make-up artist – and it was during the same shoot that I decided I needed to throw her in front of my camera. Figuratively. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of working together multiple times… on both creative and corporate shoots.…
  • Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
    Aug 20, 2016

    In the studio with Anya and Saylor

    A long time in the making, however I finally managed to get Anya into my studio (we've been discussing for ages). An evening was planned between myself, her, and Saylor… a hangout among friends… under the premise of a just for fun photo shoot. Nothing serious, simply experimenting with some new ideas – practising lighting and posing with no stress…
  • Aly and Lorrie (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Jul 29, 2016

    In A Secret Location With Aly and Lorrie

    A few weeks back I was invited to join my photographer friend Sabrina, along with models Aly and Lorrie, on a shoot they had arranged. Couldn’t say no as they’re some of my favourite people ever to work with. I have no idea where we were… I was just a passenger and not really paying much attention… hence my calling it a secret location. All I know…
  • Brittney (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Jul 16, 2016

    Dramatic Studio Portraiture with Brittney

    Brittney has become a reoccurring presence on my website… and in my studio… something I'm absolutely sure you're all ok with. You would have seen her recently with another mutual friend, Dahlia, rocking the natural light look. Not much to be said other than the obvious – working with her has never been anything but a pleasure. She's crazy…
  • Sabrina (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Jul 03, 2016

    Sabrina 's Annual Evening On The Beach

    It's perfectly acceptable to grow up and still want to look and feel sexy. There is no point in our lives where that should ever be considered taboo. Having priorities doesn’t mean giving up on your own feelings of being desirable. Life is way to short to feel anything but the best about ourselves.
  • Kaitlyn (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Jun 30, 2016

    Natural Light Headshots with Kaitlyn

    Headshots being shot outdoors is nothing new. The cinematic headshot style has become quite popular… especially the work of photographers Dylan Patrick and Christian Webb (both of whom I’m greatly inspired by). Their style however still makes use heavy of studio lighting… which isn’t what I was after. I wanted to see if I could viably make a…
  • Brittney and Dahlia (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Jun 25, 2016

    Natural Light with Brittney and Dahlia

    I’ve been admiring the work of portrait photographer, Dani Diamond, for some time. I enjoy his ability to capture environmental portraits in a way that feels both genuine and eye catching. His work, like my own, is all about the person in the photo… but in a way that’s obviously distinctive. Where I spend my days in a studio… he’s all about…
  • With Only A Look: Chris Noakes
    Apr 01, 2016

    Chris Noakes

    I've grown as a person, and naturally my photography has grown with me......but no matter how my work evolves, what I hope to accomplish through it, always remains the same. I'm looking for a style that allows me to show the best of a person. Nothing fake. No distractions. I want my photos to be all about the people in them. I want my photos to be…
  • With Only A Look: Hannah Noakes
    Apr 01, 2016

    Hannah Noakes

    If you could take my personality, and split it in half, individual aspects of me being given to each, you’d get my son and daughter. To my daughter I gave my passion. My want to change things. She dreams big, and most of her dreams are centered around improving the lives of others rather than her own. She’s opinionated like me. Only much better at…
  • With Only A Look: William Noakes
    Apr 01, 2016

    William Noakes

    If you could take my personality, and split it in half, individual aspects of me being given to each, you’d get my son and daughter. To my son I gave my youthfulness. My ability to stroll through life without worry, fear, or stress. Which is exactly what he does. Everything seems to come effortlessly to him. Not to say he doesn’t put effort in,…
  • Kelly (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Feb 27, 2016

    Kelly and Nick

    A couple weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of working with local actress, and professional, Kelly Boegel. She approached me looking to update her headshots, we set up a time, she joined me in my studio… and honestly, she absolutely rocked it. A week afterwards we set up a second session, only this time Kelly introduced me to her son Nick. I’m…
  • Patrick Gilbert (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)
    Feb 22, 2016

    Patrick Gilbert

    If you’re from North Bay, while you may not know Patrick Gilbert personally, you’re probably familiar with his work. All those “City of North Bay” promotional videos seen in your social media feeds… he made those. As a videographer he’s worked with the City of North Bay, the North Bay Regional Hospital, and Nipissing University. He’s produced…
  • Giah (Chris Noakes | Headshot Photographer)
    Jan 29, 2016

    Plunging Necklines

    I was watching the feedback after the Golden Globes a couple weeks back, and one of the items that kept coming up was the fashion trend of plunging necklines. Low cut gowns were being worn by the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Olivia Wilde, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Sophia Bush, Taylor Schilling… along with others… and I have to admit, the actresses wearing the…

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