Chris Noakes, North Bay Ontario Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Kaitlyn is one of my headshot clients, a local actress here in North Bay who I’m sure I’ve introduced before. It was time for a refresh, and so a return to my studio was in order.

After we captured the headshots she needed, which she very obviously rocked, I asked if we could also do some beauty portraits in my newer, still experimental, style.

Still pushing; I took the style I’m developing and threw a bold and vibrant colour behind it. I wanted something that would still, in the minimalistic fashion I love, be all about her – but that was also a little more capable of pulling attention. And I suppose I just like colour if I’m being honest.

The burnt orange was her choice, but it’s also my favourite colour – I didn’t exactly push back against her obviously great taste. And it’s not a colour many can even pull off, so those few who can, I will always take advantage.

I’m crazy happy with how these shots worked out. Crazy happy to be sharing them.

And just a quick plug; if you're interested you'll be able to see Kaitlyn touring with the Proscenium Club this fall. As well she continues to work with the NorthStar Talent Agency.

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Heashot / Portrait Photographer)

Facebook: Photography By Chris NoakesFacebook: Photography By Chris Noakes
Facebook: Photography By Chris Noakes


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