Chris Noakes, North Bay Ontario Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer

Such a fun and simple series – Lorrie stopped by my studio with an unassuming pair of coveralls in hand. It’s a style that’s been done before, I acknowledge that… but it’s still exciting and playful, so I couldn’t resist making my own attempt of it.

Life is, after all, all about trying new things in the pursuit of our passions.

As a photographer I have so many things on the go. I continue to push my skills with every shoot I do… right now with an emphasis on posing. It’s my weakness, I recognize this – and so I’ve decided to spend some time focused on that. Working with models like Lorrie, who can pose themselves, has left me spoiled.

In the past I always taught myself via trial by error, but that can only take you so far so fast. So I’m investing in myself, in educating myself – hoping that with each session I do from here forward you’ll all be able to see marked improvements.

That aside, I love doing sessions like this. They’re my break from my corporate headshot work.

And the people I get to work with on sessions like these are some of my favourite people. People I feel like I can be myself around… other creative types – we all need people like that in our lives. 

Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)

Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)

As mentioned; I'm spoiled... Lorrie as always did an amazing job. I'm never surprised when I see other photographers sharing work done with her, or reaching out to work with her, because I know something great will always come out of it. A lot of hard work and training on her own part...

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