Chris Noakes, North Bay Ontario Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)

I’m a huge geek. And by huge geek I mean a proudly Dungeons and Dragons playing, ComicCon attending, video gaming, Firefly obsessing (#BrownCoat) kind of geek.

And yet, other than the odd just for fun session with friends, cosplay photography isn’t something I ever considered attempting – and I have no idea why. In truth I'm kind of disappointed with myself, as it's the perfect blending of two of my passions.

Recently while discussing with a friend, I mentioned my interest, and she asked: “do you know Cosplayer Nanami?” Imagine my surprise finding out that an amazing cosplayer... an absolutely stunning lady... who has over 20K likes on her cosplay page, was local to me. How was I only finding out about her now!?

Of course I reached out. Thankfully she obliged. And attached are the spectacular results of our first session together.

I say first, because while this session was more of a get to know each other portrait session, I have no doubt you’ll be seeing more work between us soon. A sort of fashion / beauty cosplay mash-up perhaps? Fantastic things are coming.

Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)
Chris Noakes (Headshot / Portrait Photographer)

Oh yes, and she can sing! I'd take the time to tell you how good of a voice she has, but it's easier to just show you all. Yes I'm FanGirling a little (boys can fangirl right?)

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