Chris Noakes, North Bay Ontario Professional Headshot and Portrait Photographer

With Only A Look: Chris Noakes

I've grown as a person, and naturally my photography has grown with me...
...but no matter how my work evolves, what I hope to accomplish through it, always remains the same.

I'm looking for a style that allows me to show the best of a person. Nothing fake. No distractions. I want my photos to be all about the people in them. I want my photos to be about character. Untouched. Raw. Showing the real person, behind all the walls... their personalities... and telling their stories.

I'm looking for a style that grabs attention. Not because of anything in the background. Not because of any crazy editing, or because of any induced hyper-sexualization. If you notice one of my photos, I want it to be because the person in it is worth noticing. I want that to be the only reason.

It's never been about creating art to me. It's never been about popularity. It's about capturing the essence of humanity, and sharing that with the world. It's about recognizing that everyone is worth seeing, and that everyone has a story to tell.

It's about showing people that they are important. That they are interesting.

It's about building confidence in the people around me. Building self-esteem.

My passion, right from the beginning, has been to use my photography as a tool to help others. And it's with that goal in mind that I will always push.

Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Photographer: Chris Noakes

Facebook: Photography By Chris NoakesFacebook: Photography By Chris Noakes
Facebook: Photography By Chris Noakes


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