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Kelly (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)

A couple weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of working with local actress, and professional, Kelly Boegel. She approached me looking to update her headshots, we set up a time, she joined me in my studio… and honestly, she absolutely rocked it.

A week afterwards we set up a second session, only this time Kelly introduced me to her son Nick. I’m guessing talent runs in their family, along with a passion for theatre, as Nick is himself developing into a performer of serious proficiency.

Speaking plainly; I’m proud of these shots. I asked right away if they’d be willing to let me share them, because even before they were finished, I knew they were going to be fantastic. As a headshot photographer; this is exactly what I hope for each and every time I shoot. The session went perfect, and they both walked away in love with their new photos.

I wish the both of them all the luck in their endeavours, and I sincerely hope their new photos help.

Kelly (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)

Nick (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)

Nick (Chris Noakes - Headshot Photographer)

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Facebook: Photography By Chris Noakes


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